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March Nerdlist

3/02 Nerd Nite: Famous Genes, Malaria, and Acing Standardized Tests @ Galapagos
3/03 The Robotic Mind @ The Rubin Museum
3/05 Skeptics on the Mic Karaoke @ Googie’s Lounge
3/06, 3/13, 3/20 Genetically Modified Storytelling @ GenSpace
3/07 SciCafe: The Healing Power of Snake Venom @ AMNH
3/07 Adult Education: Science: Fact & Fiction @ Housing Works
3/11 Entertaining Science: Beauty and the Beasties @ Cornelia Street Cafe
3/12 Illuminating The Illuminating: A Lecture on the Moon @ Pete’s Candy Store
3/12 Cafe Science: The Truth About Methamphetamine and Cognition @ PicNic Cafe
3/14 Secret Science Club: Gene Hunting @ The Bell House
3/15 The Inside Story of New York City’s Highline Park @ Tenement Museum
3/15 Space Chronicles with Neil deGrasse Tyson @ AMNH
3/19 From Science to Obsession with The Atavist @ New America Foundation
3/20 Science Online NYC: Setting the Record Straight @ Rockefeller University
3/23 Premiere of science rom-com “Losing Control” with Valerie Weiss @ Quad Cinema
3/24 FRED Talks: An Exploration of Saffron, On Self Control, and Ecology on Film @ 3B B&B
3/27 The Story Collider: Perception @ Union Hall
3/28 Secret Science Club presents a Frightful Night of Cinema @ The Bell House
3/28 Special taping of Science Friday @ AMNH
3/28 Science & The Arts: How Psychedelic Consciousness Transformed Modern Art @ CUNY
3/28 Eric Kandel: The Age of Insight @ NYPL
3/29 NYC Science Writer’s Tweetup @ Peculiar Pub