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November Nerdlist

Su Nov 04 The Mysteries of Memory w/Eric Kandel & Elie Wiesel @ 92Y
M Nov 05  MESSENGER Update w/Sean Solomon @ AMNH
W Nov 07  Adult Ed: Tools of the Trade @ Housing Works
F Nov 09   Nerd Nite NYC: Butt Night @ Galapagos (Yes, it’s open.)
Sa Nov 10 Story Collider w/Gotham Storytelling Fest @ Under St. Marks
Su Nov 11 Entertaining Science: You Are What You Hear @ Cornelia St. Cafe
M Nov 12  Cafe Columbia: The Urban Brain @ PicNic Cafe
W Nov 14  Imagine Sci: Collab w/Secret Sci Club @ Bell House
M Nov 19  Understanding the Higgs Boson @ CUNY Graduate Center
Tu Nov 20 Engineering the Brain w/Ray Kurzweil @ 92Y
Tu Nov 20 Secret Science Club (details tk) @ Bell House
Th Nov 29 Science, Religion and the Search for Meaning w/Ira Flatow @ 92Y
Th Nov 29 Story Collider: Memory @ The Greene Space

April Nerdlist

Tue April 3     Adult Ed: Transformation @ Housing Works
Wed April 4   Lucid NYC: Food science, robotic sailboats, gaming @ Drom
Wed April 4   Math Encounters: Proofs with Günter Ziegler @ Baruch College
Thu April 5    Eric Kandel & Alan Alda @ 92Y
Sun April 8    Entertaining Science: Loops & Waves @ Cornelia St Cafe
Mon April 9   The Perils & Promise of Fracking w/ProPublica @ Tenement Museum
Mon April 9   Columbia Cafe Science: Extraordinary & Pathological @ PicNic
Tue April 10   The Social Conquest of Earth w/E.O. Wilson @ NYPL
Wed April 11  Free Will and the Science of the Brain w/Michael Gazzaniga @ Cooper Union
Thu April 12  Yuri’s Night: Space Party! @ Polar Lounge, DROM, and National Arts Club
Fri April 13     Nerd Nite: Mafia, First Dates, & Entomology @ Galapagos
Sat April 14    Brainwave: Using and Losing Language @ Rubin Museum
Mon Apr 16    Asteroids: Friends or Foes? @ Hayden Planetarium
Tue Apr 17      SWINY: Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It @ Society of Mech Engineers
Tue Apr 17      Feminism Meets Neuroscience @ CUNY Graduate Center
Wed Apr 18    Story Collider: Travel @ Union Hall
Fri Apr 20       Story Collider: Skeptics Edition @ 92YTribeca
Wed Apr 18    An Evening of Fate, Chance, & Mystery w/Lord Whimsy @ Coney Island Museum
Thu Apr 26     Secret Science Club @ The Bell House
Sat Apr 28      The Science of Learning @ Rubin Museum
Sat Apr 28      Obscura Day! @ multiple locations

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