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October 2013 Nerdlist

Monday, September 30 Biotechnology as Art form @ Columbia
Every Wednesday: Field Trip to the Moon @ AMNH
Wednesday, October 2 SciCafe: Reviving the Mammoth @ AMNH
Wednesday, October 2 Humanist Culture Open Mic @ NY Society for Ethical Culture
Tuesday, October 3 DNA, RNA, WTF? @ Brooklyn Brainery
Saturday, October 5 Festival of Medical History and the Arts @ NY Academy of Medicine
Saturday, October 5 Live Bat Encounter @ AMNH
Sunday, October 6 Movie: Between the Folds @ MOMATH
Sunday, October 6 Entertaining Science @ Cornelia Street Cafe
Monday, October 7 The Robots Are Coming! @ Columbia
Tuesday, October 8 Astronomy On Tap #6 @ Way Station
Tuesday, October 8 Story Collider TV @ Littlefield
Friday, October 11 Nerd Nite @ Galapagos
Saturday, October 12 Anthropomorphic Insect Shadowbox Workshop @ Fabricoscope
Monday, October 14 Haunted History @ Cameo Gallery
Tuesday, October 15 Experimental Cuisine Collective @ NYU
Thurs, October 17 Margaret Mead Film Festival Begins @ AMNH
Tues, October 15 A Look At Healthy People Over 95 @92Y
Sunday, October 20 Folding Paper @ AMNH
Wed, October 23 Lucid NYC @ Drom
Wed, October 23 On Albert Einstein @92Y

May 2013 Nerdlist

May 6 How to Build a Sustainable and Sane Science Writing Career @ Green Spaces
May 7 Society for the Advancement of Social Studies @ Public Assembly
May 7 The Philadelphia Chromosome: Cancer treatment at the genetic level @ Observatory

May 11 Identification Day @ AMNH
May 12 Exploring Legends w/Buzz Aldrin @ The Explorers Club
May 12 Entertaining Science: Music of the Spheres @ The Cornelia Street Cafe
May 14 Story Collider: Three Year Anniversary @ The Bell House
May 21 Secret Science Club @ The Bell House
May 22 Lucid NYC @ Drom

November Nerdlist

Su Nov 04 The Mysteries of Memory w/Eric Kandel & Elie Wiesel @ 92Y
M Nov 05  MESSENGER Update w/Sean Solomon @ AMNH
W Nov 07  Adult Ed: Tools of the Trade @ Housing Works
F Nov 09   Nerd Nite NYC: Butt Night @ Galapagos (Yes, it’s open.)
Sa Nov 10 Story Collider w/Gotham Storytelling Fest @ Under St. Marks
Su Nov 11 Entertaining Science: You Are What You Hear @ Cornelia St. Cafe
M Nov 12  Cafe Columbia: The Urban Brain @ PicNic Cafe
W Nov 14  Imagine Sci: Collab w/Secret Sci Club @ Bell House
M Nov 19  Understanding the Higgs Boson @ CUNY Graduate Center
Tu Nov 20 Engineering the Brain w/Ray Kurzweil @ 92Y
Tu Nov 20 Secret Science Club (details tk) @ Bell House
Th Nov 29 Science, Religion and the Search for Meaning w/Ira Flatow @ 92Y
Th Nov 29 Story Collider: Memory @ The Greene Space